Американский сленг фразы

awesome very good, interesting, or appealing
big deal important event; may be used sarcastically to refer to something that is not important
blast or It’s going to be a blast! It’s going to be a lot of fun
bomb to be unsuccessful
blow it off to ignore or avoid someone or something
blue or have the blues feel depressed
bogus 1) nonexistent, fake 2) bad, awful, unsatisfactory
to book 1) to hurry up or do something very quickly 2) to reserve a ticket to an event or on transportation
born again to hold strong, fundamentalist, Christian beliefs
bounce a check to overdraw a checking account
broke having no money
buddy friend
bum a cigarette to borrow a cigarette
bummed out depressed
bummer unpleasant experience
burned rejected, insulted, or otherwise negatively treated
burned out 1) exhausted 2) dull or lifeless as a result of excessive work or drug use
busted 1) to be caught by anyone in authority while misbehaving, or by the police while using drugs 2) to be “broke” or out of money
check out 1) to sign out materials from a library 2) to try to find out something
check it out to look over a situation
chill out or cool it a command to stop what you are doing, relax
cop out to not face the issue
couch potato a lazy person who spends a large amount of time (perhaps on a couch) watching television
cram To study frantically the night before a test
crash 1) to stay overnight in someone else’s dwelling, usually without notice or formal arrangement 2) to go to sleep after becoming extremely tired
cruising Driving around for pleasure with no particular destination
to have a crush on someone To be extremely infatuated with someone
cut it out! Stop it!
dead 1) very tired 2) not living
dork an unfashionable and awkward male
dorm dormitory
dough money
down in the dumps depressed
drop in to visit unexpectedly
dude a fashionable man
fire up to get excited about something; to motivate
fix up to arrange a date for a friend
fed up or sick of disgusted with; tired of
freak out to lose control of oneself
fuzzbuster device used by some motorists to determine when police are using radar to detect drivers who are speeding
geek unattractive, unstylish, socially inept person
get a kick out of someone/something find someone or something amusing or enjoyable
get on someone’s case to annoy
get off someone’s case to stop annoying a person
give someone a break to stop criticizing or teasing
Give me a break! Expresses disbelief
Give someone a buzz, a ring to call someone on the telephone
goofing off acting silly; doing something that has no particular purpose
give up to quit
go bananas to be so excited that one loses control of oneself
gross something crude, usually unpleasant
hang in there keep trying; do not be discouraged
hang out 1) to waste time 2) a regular meeting place for friends
hang-up fear; phobia or worry
hassle 1) a problem or inconvenience 2) cause another person to have a problem or inconvenience
head another name for the bathroom or toilet facilities
hick someone from a small town or rural area (usually uncomplimentary meaning unsophisticated)
hit the road to leave a place
hit the sack or turn in to go to bed
hitch a ride to get a ride from another person
hung up to be in conflict over a problem
ID identification card
in a nutshell very briefly and concisely
jerk person who cannot do things correctly; a mildly derogatory term
jock an athlete or athletic person, or one who is not very intelligent
john another name for the toilet or bathroom facilities; head
Knock it off! Stop doing that! Usually expressed when you are doing something annoying
Lighten up! Relax, don’t be so serious
loaded someone who has had too much to drink; someone who has a lot of money
Loosen up! Relax
lose it to lose control of oneself
luck out or get lucky to have something good happen due to luck or chance
Don’t mess with me! Leave me alone
Mind your own business! Do not ask questions or make statements about this matter; it is my concern and not yours
mooch to borrow frequently and/or take things from others, usually without the intention of returning or repaying
nerd a strange or socially inept person
on the house free, no cost
Oops! An exclamation used when a small mistake is made
to be open to be accepting of something or someone; to speak frankly about oneself
out of one’s mind (head) 1) crazy 2) doing something ridiculous
out of it tired and not concentrating
pal friend
pig out overeat
pop, soda pop, soda, or soft drink carbonated beverage (Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, et al)
psych up prepare oneself mentally or emotionally for something
psyched up enthusiastic
pull someone’s leg to tease
put someone on to tease or try to fool
take a raincheck postpone; accept the same invitation but for a later date
raunchy vulgar, crude
relationship a close affiliation with someone, usually romantic
right-hand an important and reliable assistant
rip off 1) steal 2) anything too expensive and not worth the price
rowdy noisy, loud, obnoxious
scoop gossip, recent news
see eye-to-eye having the same opinion
show television program, movie, film, or theater performance
shush! Be quiet, don’t make so much noise
slam insult a person
slob 1) a lazy, fat person 2) a person who is not dressed neatly 3) an untidy person
spaced out unable to concentrate
split to leave
stood up to be left waiting for someone who never arrives
tacky in poor taste
Take a hike! Go away and leave me alone
to be crazy about to like someone or something very much
to be into something to be very interested in or concerned with something
touch base verify information with someone
tough luck it’s too bad that happened to you
turn over a new leaf adopt a better course of conduct
unreal unbelievable
uptight worried, tense
Way to go! That’s very good! Sometimes used sarcastically
What’s up? What’s happening? What’s going on? What event is taking place? What are you doing?
wimp weakling
zero in on to focus or concentrate on
zonked or zonkered completely exhausted